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Our goals, lifestyle, and our family’s financial stability is based upon our ability to go to work every day and earn a living. But what happens to these when that ability is interrupted? How will the mortgage be paid? How will the medical bills be covered? Will there still be enough money to help with college expenses?

Our insurance services start by addressing your overall need for things like life insurance, disability insurance, long term care, etc. We get you the right amount of coverage that’s:

  1. Flexible enough to change as your needs change.
  2. Affordable enough so you’re not cutting into saving toward your financial goals.

We do this by helping you coordinate coverage between any available workplace benefits and additional coverage as needed. As an independent insurance agency, we can provides quotes from multiple carriers.

Some questions to consider when determining the right coverage:

  • Does your employer-sponsored disability plan only cover your base salary or your entire compensation?
  • Which carrier is right for any specific health considerations? Insurance companies look at health situations differently and picking the right carrier can save money over time or may even mean the difference between getting coverage and not getting coverage.
  • Will a stay-at-home spouse be able to go back to work? A stay-at-home spouse that’s been out of work for a few years may find it difficult to quickly find a new job that will support the family’s finances. Young children may make it impractical for a stay-at-home spouse to go back to work.
  • Do you own investment real estate? Is your umbrella liability coverage adequate to handle potential liability that arises from having tenants?