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Financial Planning

A written plan was used to build your home. A written plan was used to build your car. A written plan was even used the last time you looked up directions to get to a new restaurant. In each of these examples a written plan was used to properly allocate resources, make the process more efficient, and provide the desired outcome. Without the written plan you could spend all evening driving around town hoping you’ll end up at the correct restaurant.

We believe a written financial plan is critical to helping you make the biggest financial decisions you will make over the course of your life.

But we believe the most important things our written plan provides are:

Freedom…once you know your financial goals are being taken care of, you now have the freedom to enjoy your money however you wish. So take the vacation. Buy the car. Go to dinner. You’re covered!

A framework for all other major financial decisions…should you refinance the mortgage? Should you take the pension buy-out offer or pursue a new real estate or business opportunity? With a written financial plan you have the framework to make decisions based upon whether they help your financial plan or hurt it.

Sample Budget Worksheet

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