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College Planning

College planning means more than simply deciding between saving into a Coverdell IRA or a 529 college savings account. We believe helping you plan for college costs means more than simply opening up a college savings account. Our standard college planning services include:

  • Helping you determine your Expected Family Contribution (EFC)—this amount is used by the US Department of Education to determine what, if any, financial aid may be available to your student.
  • Implementing strategies to reduce the EFC—parent assets vs student assets are counted differently. Some types of assets are discounted for the purpose of FAFSA.  Some assets are not counted at all.
  • Assistance with completing the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).
  • Assistance with completing the CSS (application for student aid used by many private colleges and universities)
  • A database of tuition, room & board, out of state fees and other fees for thousands of schools across the country.
  • Evaluating federal vs. private student loans vs. other methods for covering costs.
  • We even prepare a report that addresses the likelihood of your student’s acceptance to a college as well as what if any financial aid may be offered.
  • Access to all 50 state-sponsored 529 savings plans.

Sample College Admissions & Financial Aid