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Tax Reduction

The Tax Cuts & Jobs Act of 2017 provided some significant relief for many successful business owners. In addition to cutting tax rates and increasing deductions for many businesses, the Act also provided some new planning opportunities for certain qualified plan designs to further reduce the tax burden.

It is important to know the options that are available. Depending upon your contribution goal, this could mean simply tweaking an existing 401(k) plan to skew more company contributions to the owner(s), or you may benefit from more powerful strategies that may provide 100% deductible, 6-figure deferral opportunities for the owner(s). We work with your tax professionals to design a strategy that fits your needs, corporate structure, and contribution goal.

  • Owner-only 401(k)
  • Cross-tested profit sharing
  • Cash balance & Defined Benefit plans
  • Non-qualified deferred compensation plan

For a no-obligation illustration of how our tax-reduction strategies can help you:

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