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Our Story

Harmon Street is located in the working class neighborhood of Inglenook outside Birmingham, AL. It was my father’s childhood home and the kind of neighborhood where people walked to work each day alongside their co-workers. The kind of neighborhood where a kid could buy candy and fishing lures on his family’s tab because the owner of the general store lived down the street and went to the same church.

It was an era before big call centers and big bank bailouts. A time when a person, who knew your name and that of your kids, answered the phone and put you right through to someone who could address your issue immediately. You knew the mechanic, pharmacist, butcher, milkman, gas station attendant, and bus driver.

Harmon Street is who we are, and it’s the spirit that drives us. Harmon Street Advisors continues to evolve providing the technology and expertise to enable our clients to meet the challenges of an increasingly complex financial world. All delivered in a manner that reinforces the core values I learned during my childhood summers spent on Harmon Street…family, hard work, pride, integrity.

Thank you for your interest in my firm.

Jeff Andrews
President & CEO