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How We’re Different

1. Independence

We have no product or investment to “sell”. Being independent also means access to virtually any financial product or investment strategy available. Our job is to match clients with the right financial products and strategies to meet their needs.

2. A focus on results

We believe that ultimately we’re being paid to help our clients retire, pay for their kids’ college, increase 401(k) plan participation, or reduce the cost of operating a 401(k) plan. Implementing successful financial strategies isn’t about the best performance or lowest fees. It’s about achieving a set of written goals.

3. Your personal “Chief Financial Officer”

We believe one of the biggest factors in achieving results for our clients is helping them make great decisions in all aspects of their financial affairs. We’re here to assist clients with every major financial decision they may make. From when and how to claim Social Security and Medicare, to exercising employer stock options, to evaluating real estate investment opportunities, to whether to buy or lease a new car. These decisions and more are all areas that we routinely office advice to help make sure that all financial decisions are made in a way that furthers clients toward their goals.

4. Service that reinforces our core values…family, pride, hard work, and integrity.

Before big call centers, algorithms, and dialing # to speak with a live person, your call was answered by a person who knew your name, where you went on vacation and what you’re needs and concerns were. Harmon Street Advisors was founded on the principle that everyone deserves customized financial advice. Going the extra mile and doing the right thing for you, your family, your business, or your employees, because it’s the right thing to do.